Top 10 Photo Editing Apps For Mobile


10 Coolest Photo Editing Apps for Mobile

Smartphone Cameras are getting better and better with every passing model. They are approaching the quality of SLR’s with features like point and shoot. Cameras have come a long way from 1 MP to high megapixels. Nowadays 5 MP camera seems as low end one. Manufactures have incorporated many features in the camera like Optical Image Stabilization, Multishots, sensor and much more. Soon are the days when we will stop using digital cameras any more.

There is no such thing as perfect shot even in the case of high end cameras many need a little tweaking to make it a perfectly clicked photo. Since most of us use Mobile to capture photos, so it becomes essential to have good photo editing apps around. We have some of the best editing apps available in the market.

1. PicsArt – Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt is one stop app to take care of all your needs. It is also one of the user’s favorite photo editing app with most no of installs. The app gives you photo editor, drawing tool, photo grid, college maker and other loads of features at one place. You can add effects, masks, borders, stickers, cliparts, graphics, callouts, frames and enhance photos in the way you want. If you are a creative photographer PicsArt is ideal to unleash your creativity.

You can share your photos in one of the largest mobile art based community using PicsArt social networking platform. PicsArt available for free in Play Store but if you want to get rid of adds you can purchase add free version for few bucks. It is a value for money app, don’t miss out on PicsArt.

2. Snapseed


Recently launched Snapseed is developed by Nik Software Inc. Nik Software Inc is also develops plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. The app has got many enhanced features like auto correct, selective adjust and tune image.

You can adjust colour, contrast and brightness of the photo in a single tap using Auto correct feature. It gives the photo best possible outcome. Using Selective Adjust feature you can focus on particular area i.e. zoom on specific part of the photo. Similar to one we have seen in detective movies.
The tune feature automatically adjusts the brightness, saturation, hue best suited to enhance the photo. Snapseed comes integrated with Google plus and is now free on Play Store.

3. Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express is very popular app for its simple user interface. You can easily crop, resize and enhance any photos. It has features like red eye reduction and whitening teeth. It is good for savvy user too with its Photoshop like features. You can use pencil, poster, halftone, water colour, sketch and much more. If you can’t fix the photo yourself just click on “Auto Fix” and it will automatically fix photos for you in a single click. It is free to download on Play Store.

4. Photo Editor by Aviary

Photo Editor by Aviary

Photo Editor is just like Pixlr is also has an “Auto Edit” to digitally enhance the photos. Whats different is the Cosmetic Tools added in the editor option. You can take care of flaws and spots, whiten teeth and reduce red eye. You can also redo the photo corrupted by dust on lens or flash burning out. Aviary has option to customize the screen, so that you have all the favorite tools at one place.

5. Pixlr-o-Matic

Pixlr o Matic

Pixlr-o-Matic is another good to have photo editing app. It also provides similar features like the other apps. The most distinguishing feature of Pixlr-o-Matic is the wide range of filters integrated in the app. It has separate photo filters, light filters and photo frames. You can completely transform your photos using the filters feature.

The downfall of this app is the limited functionality provided with filters. You can only apply one effect in each category. Still it is a great app to have. The app is completely add free and can be downloaded from play store.

6. Befunky


The name tells everything. It is a cool photo editing app with lots of additional effects than other apps. Befunky has many stylish frames to try out like Polaroid, Filmstrip, Halftone among others. Unlike Pixlr-o-Matic you can add different effects in one photo to create different looks of a single pic. Befunky is available for free in play store, but if you want to get rid of adds and unlock extra features you can download paid version from play store.

7. Cymera


If you are looking for a single app to enhance “clicking and editing” experience than Cymera is the answer. It is a multi-purpose app and can be used for both camera and editing. You can snap the photo using Cymera and edit the same. Cymera has versatile filters, shooting modes, face detection, collage effects to choose from. It has more than 800 decoration options to choose from.

8. Picsay

Picsay has the basic features of other photo editing app, but what make’s Picsay different are the extra perks provided with the app. You can invert the photo or add Rainbow in the backgroung. Other apps try to make photo distortion free, but Picsay gives you option to deliberately distort the photos making them interesting.
You can create Word Balloons, Texts and Stickers to add in the photo. Picsay is available for free in Play Store. The paid version is also available that gives you more features. Spend some buck and download the paid version you will not regret buying Picsay.

9. VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam gives you option to fully edit and customize photo using tools from the inventory list. VSCO Cam has cool photo editing tools like highlights, shadows, filters to give pretty appearance to your photos. VSCO has almost all the features provided by other apps. You can also share your photos within VSCO community and create your fan base.

10. Photo Editor Pro 

This for Pros as the name indicates. It provides powerful photo editing tools to edit create photos with a professional touch. It provides features like colour splash, filters and frames and all other basic features provided with other apps. It also gives more unique effects like Avenue, Arizona, Cycle, Dean, Haas and much more. It is best suited for advance users.

Like VSCO and PicsArt you can share your photos on social networking platforms. The app does not have its own community platform but you can share your photos on Facebook and Twitter. Photo Editor Pro is free of cost and is available in Play Store.

These are top 10 photo editing apps available in the market. I hope you find the review useful. We will keep you updated with new app for your mobile. Please feel free to comment.
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