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Hot Factors of Rooting on Android Along With Advantages and Disadvantages

There are thousands of Android phone users around the globe and many of them hear the terminology that they seem to think everyone understands but which is fully left baffled. The similar condition hangs around me for cell phone those are thrown around on cell phone blogs, Websites or news sites and forums, which is "Rooting”.
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But what does actually rooting means, why it is used, is it legal, what is the condition for rooting and more alike questions roam in my mind, so I have done a deep digging on Android cell phone rooting. Finally, I have found some interesting facts about Android cell phone rooting system. If you want direct reply of the term rooting then simply can say that "Rooting" is the process by which one gains access to the administrative commands and functions of an operating system of cell phone or computer. But this is not sufficient to understand the term rooting for cell phone either smart phone or Android device. So check the full coverage.

Hot Factors of Rooting on Android Along With Advantages and Disadvantages

A. Basic conception of Rooting:

What is rooting and why it is needed for android device, it may be the common question for most of the users. So, I am trying to give reply for Android cell phone users but keep in mind that rooting or modifying cell phone in any way will void manufacturer’s warranty and possibly “brick” the device. Hence I do not in any way recommend anyone to root their Android device but this article is only for knowledge.

The term “root” has come from the UNIX and Linux technology world and which is used to describe an operating system in which user has the ability to control all the technical and programs rights or permissions towards the operating system. It means that the superuser can change any privilege of the system either hardware or software via modifying software codes by over taking the manufacture. With these elevated superuser privileges, cell phone user gains the ability to load custom software (ROM’s), instant installation of custom themes, increase performance of operating system, increase battery long life, and can install software that would otherwise cost extra money such as WiFi tethering,etc. Honestly, only the tech-savvy crowd can gain the privileges of superuser on any device with own desire for lot of potential useful features.

B. Advantages of Android Phone Rooting:

1. Installation of Custom Software (ROM’s)

It allows the user to install any ROM on the operating system as user wants after proper rooting of Android cell.
Android Phone Rooting Installation

2. Installation of Custom Themes:

It may be known to all that themes are graphics that appear on Android device properly. It gives new dimension to Android cell phone as it is rooting perfectly

3. Longevity of Kernel, speed, and battery:

There are lots of custom ROM’s and apps on web which allows improved device functionality such as Kernel, loading speed and battery life of the operating system.

Android Phone Rooting

4. Android Baseband:

It is an important case of rooting android device which grants the ability to update the Basebands on cell phone. Actually the Baseband controls the radio functionalities on Android device. By updating to the latest version of Basebands allows users to improve both the signal and quality of Android phone calls.

5. Unique Versions of Android:

Rooting can offer the custom version of Android phone experience as it is mentioned earlier. So, it can easily capture all the custom features in OS as officially when ever it will be updated. In this the device will remain always updated.

Unique version of Android

6. Back up Full Android device:

Rooting allows the user to backup full device via advanced apps or tools either free or premium version of them. Backing up all data and apps can give over smart move on Android phone experience.

Android Phone backup

7. Unlocking Additional Features:

Rooting Android device allows the user to gain the ability to unlock some special features; those may be the premium version from the carrier such as enabling free WiFi and USB tethering and many more.

Unlock Android Phone

C. Disadvantages of Android Rooting:

1. Android Phone Bricking:

There is high risk of bricking of an Android phones at the time of rooting because screwing up a cell completely violate the user manual of manufactures. So there will be no chance of getting warranty from manufacture. Another high risk behind rooting is complete crash of Android device on rooting.

2. Allows Security holes:

It has highest possibility of security lapses because unknowingly installing malicious software during rooting process or after rooting period. It is known to all that after rooting any device, it allows security check skip button to install any software or application.

Android Phone Security

 3. Incomplete Unroot process:

Android phone can unroot after competition of rooting but it fails to restore default function as provided by the device manufacturer.

Words from Author:

I have found no clear tutorial about rooting an Android device and every device has its own unique configuration which allows unique method of rooting. XDA Developer Forums can provide with few clues of rooting an Android device. However, I never recommended you to root your Android phone if you have lack of knowledge about working of Android phone.

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