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Essential needed android phone security tips

Android device has become an essential fashion for youths along with elderly professionals. Google has made Android as a Smartphone which carries user’s creativity either online or offline. It is surely a portal for online identity and offline secure handling of daily life. So, there are various directional threads that would come to the Android device such as online identity theft (hacking) and offline stolen methods. It needs some precaution to keep safe Android device from both types of threads. So, Android device owners must be careful in handling process of Android device. If anyone fails to keep a check on security measures then he /she may be facing wrong doing with her/his Android device. We are talking not only social media profiles but also other stored data on the device will be lost. Recently concluded survey says that users’ entire information is traceable and downloadable and normally anti social people share all the private and sensitive data over the World Wide Web which is enough to cause exasperation in normal life. 

Android Security Tips

Our dedicated team has conducted research on security issue of Android device so that peoples can keep safe their personal information while using Android device. We have seen that lot of peoples are harassed for their personal security and sensitive information leakage. The virtual world is a place where thieves and hackers hide behind anonymity and it is very hard to trace them. So, owner-user is the only better one who can protect his /her own information. We have presented tips and tricks along with precaution measurement. Our hope remains with you that these tips and tricks will be of help in that endeavor.

1. Never save sensitive Passwords:

A large number of Android users tend to save their passwords to online services and sites for easy login purpose on their device. Security expert say that it is better to avoid saving passwords on device particularly when it comes to banking or payment apps even hoe much reliable and trust worthy are those.

Do not Save Password

2. Better Choice In-Built Security:

Maximum Android device support Jelly Bean where it allows screen lock and encryption enabled to further enhance device security for users. It allows various types of screen locks such as password, pin, pattern and face unlock etc. Just go to setting button and do as user’s desire.

in built Android Security

3. Quick Lock Apps:

It is better to lock applications; those are holding private and sensitive information with the second layer of security to prevent anyone from assessing sensitive information in case user’s device is lost or particularly if they have managed to bypass locked Android device. Users can use apps lock application

Quick Lock Option

4. Limit App Permissions:

There are thousands of applications in Google play but it needs to read full documentation of the application and those are the things they want permission. Simply look up the pop up where it asks permission. So, it is better to avoid sensitive data requires applications. Application requires permissions to do things but not all of them are necessary for users. Keep limitation on application to stay safe.

Limit App Apps

Experts say that you should read the reviews from previous users and their rating on Google play store.

Reviews adn rating in Google App Store

5. Use Secure Network:

Secure network connection is one of the important factors to protect Android device from hackers and anti social people. Try to avoid using Wi-Fi connection for using internet. So, expert recommends VPN connection for encryption with user’s data and information. There are lots of Android VPN connection providers such as Hideninja and many more.

Use secure network

6. Reliable Mobile Security App:

Mobile security apps also help to protect user’s data from wrong hand. There are thousands of mobile security apps or programs available online such as Lookout Security & Antivirus, avast! Mobile Security and many more apps.

Mobile Security Apps

7. Multiple User Account Creation:

It is seen that multiple user account creation can protect users’ privacy because wrongdoing people are being puzzled for stored data. Especially android tablet device are doing well for multi users account on sharing names of spouse, siblings etc. Jelly Bean users simply get the option in setting menu in user section.

Multiple user creation

8. Perfect Backup of user Data:

Taking regular backup of precious data is a matter of consciousness. Many times, it is seen that user loss all the relevant data and information either from lost or hacked device due to lack of backup. There are thousands of backup apps in Google play store where some are free and some are paid version, User can choose any one of them which is shows reliability and trust worthy.

Back of User Data

9. Real Time Tracker setting for Lost Device:

Android device have an option to set the real time tracking for lost/stolen device via which user can track the device where locates the device and what is the GPS of the device. Remotely enabled device tracking apps perfectly help to get back stolen device.

Real Time Tracker

 10. Remote Wipe Enabled:

Perfect Android device users earn the ability to wipe the device remotely. Normally this is a wide range feature for user and it can be handled by a techie person only but when ever a user wants to become a perfect Android user then she/ he can learn it from any friend or help center of manufactures. My recommendation for remote use is 3CX Mobile Device Manager because it is free and easy to use for common users.
Remote Wipe Enabled

Author’s view:

These are some of the few precautions to prevent losing data or misuse of information. So it is time to users’ direction to take necessary steps to protect their devices as well as their own privacy.

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